The Most Valuable Player Award is a trophy presented to the player who, in the opinion of the captain(s), has made the most outstanding on-field contributions for the season.
Votes are allocated match-by-match and the voting system is identical to the one used in deciding the A Grade Player of the Year Award, differing only in that it covers matches in all Grades.
Votes are awarded for on-field performances and are at the captain's disgression.
The voting scheme is as follows:
(1) For seasons up to and including 2003/04:
Up to 5 votes may be allocated to players. Any given player may receive up to 2 votes and the captain need not allocate all 5 votes if he feels that the overall team performance does not warrant it.

(2) For seasons from 2004/05 and thereafter:
Votes are awarded on a 3-2-1 basis.
1982/83 Keith Marsh
1983/84 Peter Zacpal
1984/85 Lou Pivetta
1985/86 Malcolm Arnold
1986/87 Ted Johnson
1987/88 Ted Johnson
1988/89 Kym Knuckey
1989/90 Michael Helbig
1990/91 Darren Cheek
1991/92 Tom Hagley
1992/93 ?
1993/94 Leith Wood
1994/95 Darren Cheek
1995/96 ?
1996/97Rudi Mandemaker, Ken Marshall & Peter Zacpal
1997/98Paul Champion
1998/99Greg Kearsley
1999/00Greg Kearsley
2000/01Paul Besanko & Mike Maclean
2001/02Chris Garth
2002/03Peter Zacpal
2003/04Greg Kearsley
2004/05Wynn Hearne
2005/06Ashley Harrison
2006/07Liam Carman
2007/08Sam Cheek
2008/09Sam Cheek
2009/10Will Hillier
2010/11Josh Lourens
2011/12Anthony Muggridge
2012/13Max Cheek
2013/14Daniel Draper
2014/15Rahsaan Oakey
2015/16Joseph Zadow
2016/17Jai Koirala
2017/18Joseph Zadow
2018/19Ben Kernich
2019/20Anthony Muggridge
2020/21Jack Eames