Two bowlers taking all ten wickets in an innings - D Grade

Two bowlers taking all ten wickets in an innings in D Grade matches.
Note 1: The right column indicates the total number of bowlers used by the team, as there may have been other (wicketless) bowlers.
Note 2: ALL ten wickets must have been taken by the two bowlers. For example, completed innings in which a run out has occurred, or the opposition has batted one short, are not counted.

KOKK, Steve (5/44)
BROWN, Peter (5/57)
ANZ III1978/79South Parklands1st5
MCFARLANE, David (9/31)
CAMBRIDGE, Ian (1/2)
Hectorville IV1979/80Murray Park1st3
SIMES, Geoff (5/24)
DAY, Stuart (5/25)
Mitchell Park IV1985/86Mitchell Park H.S1st5
SQUIRE, Chris (6/31)
MARSHALL, Ken (4/25)
Keswick VI1992/93Adelaide H.S.1st2
RATHJEN, John (9/35)
MARSHALL, Ken (1/32)
Kenilworth IV1992/93Kenilworth No.2 Oval1st4
NEWSON, Richard (6/38)
MARSHALL, Ken (4/48)
Keswick IV1996/97Hewett Oval1st2
THOMAS-AVERIS, Casey (6/41)
WINRA, Dane (4/28)
Woodcroft II2003/04Woodcroft P.S.1st2
WARK, Nick (5/23)
MCCAULEY, Jarrod (5/29)
Woodcroft III2004/05Blackwood Hill Oval2nd4
GARTH, Chris (6/26)
ZACPAL, Peter (4/34)
Mitchell Park IV2008/09Blackwood Hill Oval1st3
BIRD, Thomas (8/30)
CHEEK, Darren (2/12)
Morphettville Park IV2021/22Cowandilla P.S1st4