Two bowlers taking all ten wickets in an innings

Two bowlers taking all ten wickets in an innings .
Note 1: The right column indicates the total number of bowlers used by the team, as there may have been other (wicketless) bowlers.
Note 2: ALL ten wickets must have been taken by the two bowlers. For example, completed innings in which a run out has occurred, or the opposition has batted one short, are not counted.
Covers all matches played from 1938/39-.

CHAPMAN, Roy (9/62)
CARLOS, Jim (1/31)
AForestville Hockey1938/39Hewett Oval1st6
HEWETT, Ken (5/20)
WATCHMAN, Harold (5/25)
ARailway Institute1938/39Railways Oval1st2
WATCHMAN, Harold (6/20)
HEWETT, Ken (4/9)
WATCHMAN, Lawrie (7/38)
SCHUMACHER, Bert (3/24)
AFulham1945/46South parklands1st5
ASHBY, Keith (8/35)
WILSON, J (2/23)
BAscot Park II1946/47Hewett Oval1st3
WATCHMAN, Harold (6/14)
WILSON, J (4/17)
AKenilworth1947/48South P'lands, Park Tce1st2
HUNTER, Gus (6/8)
FOSTER, Harold (4/29)
BGrange II1949/50Grange Oval1st3
MAGAREY, David (Snr) (7/31)
ASHBY, Keith (3/35)
BBelair1951/52Belair National Park1st2
ASHBY, Keith (6/30)
MAGAREY, David (Snr) (4/32)
BAdult Deaf1951/52Hewett Oval1st3
SCROOP, Ian (7/24)
HUNTER, Gus (3/25)
AAscot Park1952/53Hewett Oval1st2
HUNTER, Gus (9/41)
SOUTHBY, George (1/17)
AGrange1953/54Hewett Oval1st3
SIEVERS, Vin (7/73)
ASHBY, Keith (3/56)
BNewton McLaren1953/54Hewett Oval1st4
SCROOP, Ian (5/7)
HUNTER, Gus (5/18)
AShell1953/54Hewett Oval1st2
PEDDY, Ross (6/34)
HALSTEAD, Bill (4/59)
BSturt II1955/56Marion Oval1st4
HUNTER, Gus (6/72)
ALLEY, Alf (4/70)
AEdwardstown1955/56Glandore Oval1st5
HUNTER, Gus (5/48)
HAYDEN, John (5/57)
AKenilworth1955/56South P'lands, Park Tce1st4
HUNTER, Gus (6/31)
HAYDEN, John (4/19)
AAscot Park1956/57Edwardstown Oval1st2
MAGAREY, David (Snr) (7/65)
SCROOP, Don (3/17)
BAdult Deaf1956/57Hewett Oval1st3
SIEVERS, Vin (6/57)
HAYDEN, Phil (4/25)
BGoodwood CYMS1956/57Hewett Oval1st6
SOUTHBY, George (5/17)
SCROOP, Ian (5/37)
AGrange1956/57Grange Oval1st3
HAYDEN, John (7/52)
HALSTEAD, Bill (3/15)
AGrange1957/58Grange Oval1st4
HUNTER, Gus (7/29)
HAYDEN, John (3/28)
AE.T.S.A.1957/58Hewett Oval1st2
HALSTEAD, Bill (6/51)
HAYDEN, Phil (4/37)
BSA Rubber Mills1957/58Hewett Oval1st4
MAGAREY, David (Snr) (8/19)
GAMBLE, Graham (2/7)
BSavings Bank1958/59South parklands1st3
MAGAREY, David (Snr) (6/16)
SLADE, D (4/18)
BMagill United II1958/59Murray Park1st2
HUNTER, Gus (7/38)
HAYDEN, John (3/45)
ACommonwealth Bank1958/59North Parklands1st2
GAMBLE, Graham (7/11)
HUNTER, Gus (3/21)
ACommonwealth Bank1959/60Hewett Oval1st4
SLEE, Arthur (5/25)
HAYDEN, Phil (5/32)
BBelair1959/60Hewett Oval2nd2
HUNTER, Gus (7/23)
HAYDEN, John (3/26)
ABlackwood R.S.L1960/61Hawthorndene Oval1st2
MAGAREY, David (Snr) (6/51)
GAMBLE, Graham (4/56)
BBelair1960/61Hewett Oval2nd2
SLEE, Arthur (8/24)
GAMBLE, Graham (2/17)
BY.M.C.A.1961/62Hewett Oval1st3
HAYDEN, Phil (7/59)
HEWETT, Russell (3/28)
CKenilworth III1961/62Gums Oval1st4
BURR, Rodney (6/17)
MAGAREY, David (Snr) (4/14)
CNewton McLaren II1963/64South P'lands, Sth Tce1st5
HUNTER, Gus (8/34)
COULLS, Murray (2/63)
AKenilworth1963/64South P'lands, Park Tce1st2
WALKER, Michael (8/44)
SCHMIDT, Ron (2/38)
CMorphettville Park Footballers II1965/66Denham Reserve1st5
SCHMIDT, Ron (6/66)
MARSHALL, Ley (4/53)
CKeswick Red Cyms1966/67Blackwood H.S.1st4
STONE, Alan (8/43)
MORALEE, Mike (2/44)
CKenilworth III1967/68Blackwood H.S.1st4
STONE, Alan (6/46)
MORALEE, Mike (4/57)
CKenilworth III1967/68Blackwood H.S.2nd2
MARTIN, N (9/62)
MORALEE, Mike (1/49)
CBelair II1967/68Gums Oval1st3
HUNTER, Gus (5/16)
MAGAREY, Andrew (5/41)
ARooland1967/68Adelaide Airport2nd4
HAYDEN, Phil (7/17)
HOPKINS, Bob (3/21)
BNewton McLaren1969/70Hewett Oval1st5
HUNTER, Gus (8/14)
MILLS, Lou (2/27)
AMitchell Park1969/70Mitchell Park Rec. Res.1st6
CORNISH, John (6/26)
HEWETT, Bob (4/15)
CClapham1970/71Blackwood H.S.1st4
HAYDEN, Phil (8/78)
MAGAREY, Rob (2/17)
BSouth Road II1970/71Hewett Oval1st6
PHILLIPS, John (5/15)
MILLS, Lou (5/15)
BNewton McLaren1970/71South Parklands1st3
WORTHINGTON, Bill (6/27)
MAGAREY, Rob (4/47)
BCivil Aviation1971/72Hewett Oval1st6
HAYDEN, Phil (7/20)
STRATFOLD, Neil (3/31)
BMitchell Park II1971/72Mitchell Park Rec. Res.1st3
FORBES, John (5/25)
HOPKINS, Bob (5/38)
AKenilworth1971/72Coromandel Valley P.S.1st3
ZACPAL, Peter (8/24)
CORNISH, John (2/37)
CWarburton Frankie II1973/74South Parklands2nd2
ZACPAL, Peter (8/24)
MCFARLANE, David (2/32)
CWarburton Frankie II1974/75South Parklands2nd2
PETTMAN, Brian (8/22)
HOPKINS, Bob (2/44)
AWarburton Frankie1974/75South Parklands1st2
POTTER, Tim (5/37)
HUNTER, Gus (5/44)
BSeaton Ramblers II1974/75Hewett Oval1st2
STRATFOLD, Neil (8/31)
LEEK, David (2/8)
BSouthern Districts1976/77Westbourne Park P.S.1st3
PURSER, Chris (8/37)
NOBLE, John (2/43)
BKenilworth1976/77Kenilworth Oval1st4
YARDLEY, Ian (6/14)
POTTER, Tim (4/24)
CKingswood II1976/77Blackwood H.S.2nd3
LEEK, David (7/36)
ZACPAL, Peter (3/33)
CKingswood II1977/78Blackwood H.S.1st3
KOKK, Steve (5/44)
BROWN, Peter (5/57)
DANZ III1978/79South Parklands1st5
MCFARLANE, David (9/31)
CAMBRIDGE, Ian (1/2)
DHectorville IV1979/80Murray Park1st3
MABLESON, Roger (8/63)
HOPKINS, Bob (2/51)
APlympton Footballers1979/80Plympton Oval1st6
WASLEY, Scott (7/19)
ECampbelltown III1981/82Campbelltown H.S.1st3
CHEEK, Darren (6/38)
ARNOLD, Malcolm (4/44)
EGlenelg Lacrosse II1984/85Henley Beach H.S1st3
BILLETT, David (6/24)
ARNOLD, Malcolm (4/6)
EKeswick VI1985/86Glengowrie H.S.1st2
SIMES, Geoff (5/24)
DAY, Stuart (5/25)
DMitchell Park IV1985/86Mitchell Park H.S1st5
SQUIRE, Chris (6/31)
MARSHALL, Ken (4/25)
DKeswick VI1992/93Adelaide H.S.1st2
RATHJEN, John (9/35)
MARSHALL, Ken (1/32)
DKenilworth IV1992/93Kenilworth No.2 Oval1st4
NEWSON, Richard (6/38)
MARSHALL, Ken (4/48)
DKeswick IV1996/97Hewett Oval1st2
KEARSLEY, Greg (5/43)
GARTH, Chris (5/66)
CWoodcroft2001/02Woodcroft P.S.1st4
JENKINSON, Daniel (9/56)
CHEERS, Simon (1/16)
AWarradale2002/03Hewett Oval1st6
THOMAS-AVERIS, Casey (6/41)
WINRA, Dane (4/28)
DWoodcroft II2003/04Woodcroft P.S.1st2
WARK, Nick (5/23)
MCCAULEY, Jarrod (5/29)
DWoodcroft III2004/05Blackwood Hill Oval2nd4
GARTH, Chris (6/26)
ZACPAL, Peter (4/34)
DMitchell Park IV2008/09Blackwood Hill Oval1st3
HILLIER, Will (7/44)
KERNICH, Ben (3/51)
CICC Sharks III2010/11Wirreanda H.S.1st4
LESCHKE, Christian (8/7)
AMBLER, Neil (2/13)
CSouth Road III2019/20Clapham P.S.2nd5
VAN DEN BOS, Cameron (7/17)
NORMAN, Chris (3/31)
BHappy Valley II2020/21Hewett Oval1st4
BIRD, Thomas (8/30)
CHEEK, Darren (2/12)
DMorphettville Park IV2021/22Cowandilla P.S1st4