2006/07 Season Summary

Trophy Winners

Also shows runner ups. Winners' names in bold.


1st XI 2nd XI
RunsAverage RunsAverage
John Beverley28328.30 Rahsaan Oakey34757.83
Daniel Jenkinson22417.23 Ben Moore32464.80
Ashleigh Chambers17614.67 Andrew Magarey30237.75
3rd XI 4th XI
RunsAverage RunsAverage
Greg Kearsley26226.20 Graham Gallasch42947.67
Adam Rowe17521.88 Bruce Carpenter20852.00
Scott Rose10521.00 Will Hillier14818.50
5th XI
RunsAverage RunsAverage
Liam Carman27630.67 Darren Cheek180180.00
George Chittleborough18616.91 Jason Pope16080.00


1st XI 2nd XI
WicketsAverage WicketsAverage
Daniel Jenkinson2320.78 Rob Negerman1913.00
Matt Laming2022.65 Jarrod McCauley1815.44
David Magarey1616.56 Trent Moore1414.00
3rd XI 4th XI
WicketsAverage WicketsAverage
Grant Wannan1314.54 Will Hillier2215.91
Peter Zacpal926.67 Graham Carpenter1611.69
Chris Garth819.50 Andrew Ferguson1224.67
5th XI
WicketsAverage WicketsAverage
Liam Carman2217.41 Josh McDonald1222.25
George Chittleborough1419.29 Adam Morris931.00


1st XI 2nd XI
Votes Votes
Simon Leek6 Andrew Magarey7
Patrick Needham4 Rahsaan Oakey6
Daniel Jenkinson, Matt Laming and Rahsaan Oakey3 Ben Moore5
3rd XI 4th XI
Votes Votes
Tim Kaethner8 Anthony Fitzgerald8
Josh McManus5 Will Hillier6
Scott Rose5 Antony Muggridge4
5th XI
Votes Votes
Richard Morris9 Luke Harrip7

Jack Hewett Award

The Jack Hewett trophy is awarded on an all-round statistical points scoring basis on performances over all grades.
The award has been in existence since 1994/95 and is named in honour of the longest-serving member of the Hewett dynasty, Jack Hewett, who played 328 matches and scored over 13000 runs between 1928 and 1968.

Points are awarded as follows:

1 Wicket = 15 points
1 Catch = 10 points
1 Run out = 10 points
1 Stumping = 10 points
1 Run = 1 point

Past winners

2005/06David Lane696 pts
2004/05Daniel Jenkinson758 pts
2003/04Russell King993 pts
2002/03Matt Laming864 pts
2001/02Chris Garth813 pts
2000/01Paul Besanko1106 pts
1999/00Greg Kearsley827 pts
1998/99Darren Cheek736 pts
1997/98Peter Craig677 pts
1996/97Rudi Mandemaker792 pts
1995/96Darren Cheek849 pts
1994/95Darren Cheek917 pts

This season's winner

Rahsaan Oakey (681 points). Full Listing

Wicket-keeping Trophy

Sam Cheek - 33 points.

(A Grade) Player of the Year Award

Daniel Jenkinson with 14 votes.

Full, round by round, listing of votes

Most Valuable Player Award

Liam Carman, with 15 Votes

Full, round by round, listing of votes

Under 18 Player of the Year

This award was previously known as the Most Promising Junior Award.

Trent Moore

Duck Award

Darren Cheek (5 ducks)

Clubman Award

Matt Laming

N.A.C.A. Award

Darren Cheek

Statistical Summaries

Batting. Grade .. A, B, C, D, E
Bowling. Grade .. A, B, C, D, E